The craft brewery

Not so long ago, every brewery also sheltered an inn. As time went by, however, breweries and inns  gradually separated from each other. At the Beierhaascht, the idea of ​​bringing the two together again has always been a priority!

Here, you will not find a beer museum, but rather a small live brewery installed in the restaurant itself:  a brewery with all its components which our guests can touch, taste and smell. At the Beierhaascht you can observe how our home brewed beer is being produced: the Lëtzebéier.

Lëtzebéier beers are highly distinguishable from other market beers. Their taste, typical for a traditional production, is incomparable.

Beers from the “Beierhaascht” are brewed according to the official brewing process, a technique which rigorously follows the requirements of the 1516 German law regarding the purity of the product. The beers are of course under the constant control of our brewmaster.