Our craft beers “Lëtzebéier” – real craft beers

At the Béierhaascht, discover and enjoy unfiltered beers of natural purity. Beers are brewed to the rhythm of the seasons (eg wheat beer in summer, Black Stuff in winter).

“Lëtzebéier” beers are distinctly different from the usual beers on the market. Their taste, typical of traditional production, is incomparable! All beers are brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

They are available in various packaging: 0.33 l non-returnable bottles and 10, 30 and 50 liter drums. All the brewing equipment for a successful private or coporate event can be rented from us.

Lëtzebéier “Hell”: Blonde (Golden Ale) with a beautiful pale gold dress, to drink with friends. Fine on the palate and stable, it results from a traditional brewing method. The severe choice of noble hops gives it its sweetness and pleasant bitterness. (5.1% alc.)

Lëtzebéier “Donkel”: Brown from pure traditional malt. Very tonic and sweet at the same time, this classic brunette will seduce beer lovers thanks to its complexity followed by a soft finish. (6.3% alc.)

Lëtzebéier “Amber”: Amber Ale perfectly balanced between bitterness and malt taste. It gets its coppery gold color thanks to special slightly roasted malts. It is precisely these malts that give it a more full-bodied and mellow taste (5.2% alc.)

Lëtzebéier “Weessbéier”: White wheat beer of high fermentation. Our wheat beeer is a pale, slightly cloudy beer. It is brewed with 50% malted wheat. The use of “flavor” hops  gives it a nice citrus note, which makes it pleasant to drink, especially in summer. (5.2% alc.)

Lëtzebéier “Black Stuff”: Dry Stout of high fermentation. It gets its rich and velvety taste of toasted coffee and chocolate, as well as its opaque color  from roasted malt. Its intense aroma is rounded by aromatic hops of best quality. (5.0% alc.)